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RPG Maker VX Ace has a lot of functions and options. Perhaps a frightening amount for the beginner. On this page I'll keep track of links, tips and tricks that have been useful to me.

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One of the ways to make your game stand out from the other RMVXAce games is to create your own tileset, or assemble one from the many tilesets created by others.

Tips to create or assemble your own:

Overview of various (tileset) resources

Info about tileset sizes

  • Each tile is 32x32 pixels.
  • Grouped in five sets: A-E

Tileset A

  • Contains lower layer tiles, such as floors, stairs, roads and water.
  • Sub-divided into 5 groups; most of them as auto-tiles (special tiles for which borderlines are automatically created).

For more details, see Tileset Resource Standards page from the RPG Maker Manual

Script resources

If you want to extend your gameplay even more from the details, you'll want to start looking at the various scripts out there.

Script lists:

Other script lists by other websites/communities:

Script Equivalents of Events


  • Game variables: $game_variables[n] (Where 'n' is the Variable ID (without the leading zeroes))
  • Game Switches $game_switches[n] (Where 'n' is the Switch ID (without the leading zeroes))

Create Move Route Events through scripting

You can find more of these on the separate Script Equivalents page I'm working on.

If you want to create move routes dynamically through scripts, have a look at the scripting equivalent page's section on move events.

Mapping Tutorials

Create more appealing maps with these tutorials.

Using Move Routes to Walk Through Walls

Ever wondered how to make a hidden passage through solid walls? Tried using the "Through" option on an event tile on top of a solid A tile and wondered why it didn't work? Don't feel like having to resort to using event tile graphics to obscure walkable tiles, or having to add duplicate passable 'A' Tiles either?
Then click on the instructions header below to follow the step-by-step instructions, which are accompanied by screenshots, to learn how to use Move Routes to accomplish this task:


Interesting RSS feeds to follow:

Keep informed about what's going on in the RMVXA community by following these RSS feeds!

You can also grab my RPG Maker VX Ace RSS feeds OPML file to more easily subscribe to a bunch of RPG Maker related RSS feeds.

FiXato's resources

I'll keep track of my resources/scripts here.